Rays shine brighter.

The sun shines bright,

It’s neither pale nor dull.

Today, the sunlight is unusual.

I see many colours there,

But my eyeballs are attracted towards the brightest fair.

Because it fill colours in lives of many individuals.

Today, the sunlight is unusual.

I see two different worlds in the daylight,

One which is unaware of the ray of life and the other which praises it all the time.

This bright light shows different faces of humans.

As today, the sunlight is unusual.

Picture credits- Yash sontakke

A Story of someone,you can relate to.

Once i was walking past the street, with no homes and buildings.
The only thing i could see there was a street light and that too was dimming.

People say, sometimes being lonely is a way to find a better you.
So, I went to that street so that i could find some peace and relate to myself.
But suddenly i felt like someone was also there with me.

I turned back and saw nothing other then a tree.

I was about to go into my deep thoughts, but then again I heard a sound and unfortunately I ignored it.
After this i started walking slowly and steadily,

and this time i could hear the little sound of footsteps coming before me.

And I was nervous, only thing I could utter was almost nothing as it was coming closer,

closer and

shit! more closer.
Before i could turn back there comes a hand on my shoulder.
I was sure something really bad is going to happen, I was about to shout but guess what? shouting there wasn’t making sense at all.
Then i decided to fight for my self and by the time i could fight, here comes another hand on my waist,

getting me uncomfortable in this phase.
I couldn’t hide, shout or cry, only tears were there and cruel things started happening. But then,








Colourful Day.

I’m in love with blue, yellow and white, are you too?
Today, the walls were painted with colours,
as it was the day of lovers.

The sky loved blue,the rays loved yellow, the air was light
Even the humans didn’t discriminate over their colours for the very first time.
As all of them were wearing my favourite colours blue,yellow and white.

Today, I had different visuals other than reality.
Where the air was VIBGYOR, the sunset was usual but still unusual for me.
Because Before the present day, people were never this carefree.

These colours bind our culture together.
This is the only festival, when we are unbathed, we look stupid but still not caring what are we wearing and enjoying fully.
Yes, this is HOLI!🌈

Never stop.

Ohh! Amy wait. I could hear something, can you too?

Oh my God! It’s coming closer, this sound is really irritating, and it’s overpowering me.

It is something, I hear most often.

Shh! It says- you’re not worth it, you’re not made for this work, you don’t have creative mind and much more…

Wait, I know who’s this – replied Amy.

The ones who tend to be our life critics, the only work they have is to search for our failure analytics.

The ones who say that today’s youth strives for success, but they also mention that this generation is hopeless.

Helping each other to reach heights is what they talk about,

And when it comes to help, they are the ones who back out.

You are a mediocre they say, though they also come to the same place where I live in the end of the day.

You are fearless and strong, so never stop.

These voices of random people are not meant to be heard quietly,

Let’s improve our society.




Picture courtesy- Monishthamba_photography